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Turn it up

I have determined that MenWeek takes approximately three forms. There are slight variations within each, of course. But basically I got the Lynyrd Skynyrd week, the Bobby Darin week, and the Depeche Mode week. This week I'm in the Lynyrd Skynyrd state of mind. I mean, in so far as someone like me could be in a Southern rock and roll state of mind. I'm all wearing jeans and tight sweaters and flirting with whoever walks by and last night at the bowling alley I was drinking my Bass out of the bottle at first, before good sense took over and I demanded a real glass from the bartender, who is amused at my prissy drinking habits.

I think a variation of LS week could include a Pink Floyd sensibility, but that would require a little more social interaction, maybe. Or at least colder weather.

Depeche Mode week often descends into a Red Hot Chili Peppers sort of groove, and actually, I am most often in a Bobby Darin state of mind, especially in winter, though that somehow also encompasses a Cure Consciousness, for some reason.

Okay, getting to the point, I'm trying to decide whether I am also attracted to a different type of man, or more of them or less of them during each of these moods. And is this a factor or product of human evolution? These are questions worth considering for the day.

Remember when "we" were sort of on Iraq's side against Iran? Yeah, sure, but how many other people do? Oceania had always been at war with Eurasia.