Passing the buck, or on the level?
circling haiku

the morning in haiku

I have a poetry blog that I haven't had time for lately. I intended to do a couple of these as warm-up, then work on a piece of writing I've had sitting around for awhile, but they didn't go anywhere good, plus I got way off track. I thought you might enjoy them, though.

Haiku traditionally include a nature element, but laziness is more of a tradition for me.

Warm-up exercise
graceless scribblings in my book
fresh air not required

Flicker on my screen
I imagine you are here
nibbling at my ear

White shoes in summer
sipping iced tea on the lawn
time to play croquet

Liquid sharp and cold
a juniper infusion
gently bathes my lime

Living in a cave
all the world seems dark and cold
sunlight disappeared