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August 2007


This is the nicest virtual thing anyone's ever done for me!

Robbbie told me last week there was a surprise, but I just felt too swamped to tackle Vox. I had no idea it would be this great.

I am sitting in a room which is filled with books, and not all of them are on shelves or even out of boxes yet. I don't have a huge library, but it's large enough that bookcase space is at a premium, and definitely inadequate for the task. Good thing the library is only a short walk away, as I guess I have no business buying any more books for awhile.

We managed to get the bed together and filled only two nights ago. And I still can't park in the garage for more boxes, even though it seems like I did nothing but unpack for the first few days.

Yet, I can honestly say, this really does begin to feel like home, strangely, already more than the last one did. I hope it sticks, too, Cap'n.

And oh, I do wish we were "live" neighbors, Patty. This seems like a fine neighborhood, but I have hardly encountered any people in it yet!

If some of you would enjoy it, I have some pictures I could share of the process, a little later on.

This has meant a lot to me. I love my Vox neighbors. I'd love it if you could just all pop around and keep me company as I wander with bewilderment looking for places to put things. Tim, you are so right about the need to adapt.

Thank you all, so much.


I've moved a lot. We are working on our 4th move in just over seven years. I've been arranging for utilities to be turned off and on today.

I've never had this experience before.

I went to Comcast online and signed up for a service package, then chose dates for installation, then was told to wait for a chat representative to verify the information. I waited close to 10 minutes before she showed up, and was busy with something when she first appeared.

Jennifer(Wed Aug 01 2007 16:40:28 GMT-0400 (EDT))>

Hello guest_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Jennifer. Please give me one moment to review your information.

Jennifer(Wed Aug 01 2007 16:40:48 GMT-0400 (EDT))>

Good Afternoon Mary, Do you have any questions for me while I look over your order and start the process?

Jennifer(Wed Aug 01 2007 16:41:42 GMT-0400 (EDT))>

Can you please acknowledge that you are still at your computer? If I do not receive a response from you, I may have to close this conversation to assist another customer.

guest_(Wed Aug 01 2007 16:42:06 GMT-0400 (EDT))>

I wanted to order two DVRs with the new service. I didn't see a place to do that.

guest_(Wed Aug 01 2007 16:42:42 GMT-0400 (EDT))>

Also, one of our TVs is HD.

Jennifer(Wed Aug 01 2007 16:42:55 GMT-0400 (EDT))>

I do apologize, but the previous tenants service has not yet been disconnected.  That will not take place until August 15.  We will need for you to contact us 24-48 hours after that time.  Anyone of our agents will be happy to assist you at that time.

guest_(Wed Aug 01 2007 16:43:30 GMT-0400 (EDT))>

I signed up for service to be arranged on the 16th or 17th, and then was brought to this screen.

Jennifer(Wed Aug 01 2007 16:43:32 GMT-0400 (EDT))>

Well thank you very much. Was there anything else I may assist you with today?

Jennifer(Wed Aug 01 2007 16:43:52 GMT-0400 (EDT))>

I see what you had ordered for the first time once we enter the chatroom together.  You have just gone through the order selection process.  I verify the information on your order, create the account and set up the installation date and time with you.

Jennifer(Wed Aug 01 2007 16:44:11 GMT-0400 (EDT))>

In this case, the previous tenants service has not yet been disconnected.

guest_(Wed Aug 01 2007 16:44:48 GMT-0400 (EDT))>

So what you're saying is that I cannot arrange for service until after I've already moved in, which means we will have no internet or television until some time after that?

Jennifer(Wed Aug 01 2007 16:45:47 GMT-0400 (EDT))>

You are welcome to visit a local office, as they have all authority on all addresses.  They may be able to get you in sooner.

guest_(Wed Aug 01 2007 16:46:35 GMT-0400 (EDT))>

I'm flummoxed. Possibly astounded. But I thank you for the information.