In cleaning up this blog a bit...
second nameless post: LL, weather, my fever

starting over

I've needed a fresh online start for awhile. I think this has been the longest I went without one. I'd lost the groove, plus got bored. And maybe a new start will be less troublesome, somehow. The neat thing about Vox is that I feel I've become part of a real community, even though we don't all hang out all the time or whatever. I'm sending this to everyone, nearly, in my "old" 72 member neighborhood, some of whom may not even be very into Vox anymore, and whoever responds or just wants to sit on the couch in the corner is very welcome to neighbor me up again. I won't feel too awful if you decide not to, but you might find me neighboring you again anyway. I will not delete the old blog but it won't be connected to this one, not even the name, in any way at all. See how I never even mentioned it here? :-)

I want to get back to doing some of the fun things I used to do on my blog, with music and games and food, etc. In the meantime, want to help me pick a user name? 

Here are a few, but you could suggest another one. 

Lily Fields
Juniper Lily

I just like those things. Here are examples of them. :-)

I guess I'll use both lilies and juniper berries in thematic ways; they're so fresh and cool and lovely.