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This week in 1965, part two

This week in 1965, part one

Doing this in two parts because I want to share lots. Also, I have a gripping headache.

This week in 1965, I had been residing in my mother's womb for 37 weeks. The Soviet spacecraft Luna 5 crashed on the moon. Eoin Colfer was born. And Louis Armstrong was busy knocking the Beatles off the top spot in U.S. music charts with "Hello, Dolly."

Louis Armstrong - Hello Dolly Live

Here are a few ads from the May 1965 issue of Playboy.
As you may imagine, clothing, booze, and music, mainly jazz, were the main advertising subjects. I've got an example of each here.

They were pushing the tapered slack heavy and hard, and also the "wash and wear" fabrics such as Dacron. Better living through chemistry, you know.

Especially for swingers in their penthouse pads with their hi-fi equipment and stereophonic Stan Kenton records.
Those women look so fully engaged in the Wall of Sound, don't they?

On a warm Sunday afternoon at the club, you might order one of these to cool off and also heat things up. But man, ditch the cube! Rocks are for squares.

My dismay that gin and vodka were considered practically the same thing** is heavy. It is one thing to mysteriously enjoy vodka and not really get it about gin. It is fully another to regard them as interchangeable. They're not Coke and Pepsi, for gods' sakes!

I'm going to do a part two later. (No, really. ) You want a peek at Miss May and some of the other more carnal delights of the season? Stick around. Or, come back by, as the case may be.

**There's not that much difference between gin and vodka except everything. They start out the same, but then modern gin is distilled with a variety of fragrant botanicals, the main one being juniper berries, and thus has distinct flavor notes which lend themselves in specific ways to specific drinks. High quality vodka is crisper and purer than low-level stuff. But there's less of a difference between them, and also vodka flavor isn't really meant to combine with other flavors; it's meant to allow them to stand on their own while following them up with an alcoholic kiss on the mouth. Which, whatever, that's groovy if that's your thing. Just don't confuse the issue in my presence or you'll get an even longer lecture than this one.