This week in 1965, part one
Vox Hunt: Time Keeps on Ticking...

This week in 1965, part two

1965 was a weird year to be born. On the one hand, people listening to folk music, starting to let their hair grow, freaking out at Lyndon Johnson, who promised a Great Society in America while sending young men to Vietnam on a futile mission to sort out society there. On the other hand, a great deal of Dacron, Fortrel, hair cream, tight dresses and fast cars.

It's fairly awesome. Possibly it also explains some of the duality of my nature. Hippies always sort of grossed me out. But so do unnatural fibers. Kind of. 


Check out this young man, studiously attending to Social Triumph!

Here's something special I scanned just for Aubrey.
See there? How they did that? So clever.

Here is the beautiful Stella Stevens. She kind of corroded after awhile, as so many of those blonde Hollywood types do. But it's a lovely photo, much nicer, I thought, than the May pinup girl, whose nipples really kind of annoyed me. Plus, since many people can't tell the obvious difference between basic pleasant nudity and the prurient sort, I'd have had to perform antics with links and things in order to share the fold-out. 

And finally, Playboy humor. Playboy was always dual in nature as well. So carefully appointed, such demands on the development of good taste and refinement. Along with a healthy mix of tacky low-brow humor. Gosh, I love men.

I like to think that perhaps someone was playing this record while enjoying his copy of the May 1965 Playboy.
Recado Bossa Nova (1963)
Laurindo Almeida & The Bossa Nova All Stars (Brazil)
Okay, not precisely this record. Probably it would have looked like this one from 1962, instead: