Baby birds at Valley
June 4, 1965, self-indulgent blather

Oh, hello, here is a photo review

LP got my touchpad working yesterday, so I can use my computer the regular way again. It's such a relief. But my CD drive is inexplicably not working. It is acting like there is a CD in it, which there is not, and it is slowing things down. And I've been missing Vox so much! It's been kind of a drag to use the computer at all; I've barely even been at Twitter, but I want to catch up on some things today.

Here are a few photos from Memorial Day:

And a few in the backyard yesterday:
I have to put those trays of flowers in on the other side.

I prepared pictures for a This Week in for the week before last, but then last week I couldn't do that at all. So I might post those and backdate them, or something, and then skip ahead to this week, which is a special one.

Most of you have seen some of my paintings before at my old blog, but I took snapshots of them yesterday to send to my dad, so here they are, if you are interested, plus the new one, which is a little different. (And I will need a better photo of it.) Maybe a new direction, maybe just a change of pace.

Finally, one of the big girls with her guitar.