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Unholy Garden, part one

Camping at Assateague Island

Including time out for sleep, this post has taken 17 hours so far, and I'm kind of tired of it. I meant it to be the first of three last night. Here's hoping when I click post! 

So this trip was so important to me. I planned and planned and planned, to make it all go perfectly. To a couple members of the family it appears to have been an epic fail, and therefore I cannot say it was successful for me. But it certainly could have been. I could say that there are a couple of whiny princesses in our family, however, that would not do any of us much good. To be fair, they were challenged greatly by the mosquitos in a way that the others, especially me, were not. Everything seemed harder to them and so they made it harder. This is what people do, isn't it? We all do, often. 

I want so much to remember just all the best nice parts of the trip but they are clouded by the difficulties:  though to my mind those don't weigh nearly as much, they do to people I wanted to please, so I'm a little sad about that. I'd gladly try it again, just work on avoiding those issues, but I'm not sure they'll want to. 

The one aspect that was a great challenge to all of us was a great huge storm our last night of camping. It was torrential, terrific, and frankly a little scary. Riding out a long bout of rain and lightning and 50 mph winds in your house can be nerve-wracking. Doing that in a car on a narrow island while watching your tent sway in the wind like the Shrieking Shack at Hogwarts is quite another. And the rain fly did not adequately do its job. Most of us slept in the car after we assessed the resulting water damage. 

Again, I did not see this as the huge challenge and burden a couple of the others did. It was merely some wet stuff to bring home the next day and wash. But I admit it was rather a drag. Especially since I did all the laundry when we returned home! (But don't you love taking fresh clean laundry out of the dryer? It's kind of a magical experience.) 

Here is a picture of what greeted us when we arrived at the house. Although it doesn't do the sight justice at all. Livvy had Decorated Everything with American flags, streamers, pinwheels, signs, to such a degree of excess it was both hilarious and impressive. We've never decorated for July 4, and she made up for every year all in one go. She was disappointed to not find an appropriate Obama picture to hang, though, so above our mailbox was a poster of the Canadian Parliament. Canada Day, you know. 

And here's a slideshow of wistful happiness. It's about 3 minutes long and I hope you enjoy it. Each photo is a distinct memory for me that I will cherish. I mean, they're not award-winners or anything. Just what I saw during a few days from home. 

assateague 06/09

I'd like to go back to Assateague. But I guess if we ever get to go camping again, we'll pick a new destination, perhaps some September, perhaps. Our September 2006 camping trip to Locust Lake in PA was very nice, other than concerns over having so little money. 

There's so much more I'd enjoy sharing. There are plenty of details and anecdotes and so forth. But everything is kind of locked up in my head these days and I'm having a difficult time pouring it out. Perhaps it'll all just be added to one of my fictional worlds someday. :-)