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So. This past week we were in Kansas City, saying goodbye to my dad. 

I mean, I guess I get to call him a few more times before someone calls me to tell me I don't get to anymore. But I will never see him again. 

My brothers seem to remember the times that didn't go so well, and I guess they remember how he wasn't so consistent as a dad while we were growing up. I remember all that as apocrypha. (I'm not faulting them, I'm just saying, here, that none of that stuff even touches hearing him sing cheerfully along with the radio every morning way before I was ready to wake up thirty years ago. That is a fond, fond memory, and I was a fool for not fully appreciating it then.)

Here we are all together, a bit rough around the edges; the whole week was like that, you know. 
I guess there's a lot more to say but I don't feel much like saying it. I'm going to share some pictures of my hometown instead, in another post.