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homeschool emo death poetry

which is a phrase I can't imagine anyone else has typed before. 

I left in the misspellings because they're funny. 

11 year-old

Yesterday I walked in the kitchen and broke
A glass I yelled Oh Noes!
Mom said c'mon we're having sloppy joes
So when I walked outside
I triped and I died.

And then at my funeral
Urkel came and used the urinal
Then my brothers went to McDonald's
That reminded me that they're burgers were awful...

12 year-old

Death ain't painfull Death ain't Time
Death will happen once every time
When it happens it won't change me
Once you die they will see.

You can't stop it you can't stop the drum
It will keep going Bum Bum Bum Death.
Death I see you there up there
Without a care 
I see you in the soul of that little hare.

It will happen to you it will happen to me
and when it does you will see.

Death is unstopablle Death's in its prime
So it WILL happen every time.

15 year-old

What's the point of life? Why are we here?
Please lend your ear to my rhyme,
and make the shadows all go away...

When I touch your black heart, it makes my eyeballs shart,
And my cold ears hear everything your dark soul has to say...
I open up the door, my heart falls onto the floor,
I think that I just pooped inside my pants...

The skys are orange and black, it feels as though
my soul fell on a tack, had a heart attack, 
shatted out my ear holes then just died.

17 year-old

I clutched the Bible to my chest
in the corner
of my hotel room
and cried
as I readied myself
for the end.

Oh lord, how he has forsaken
in the deep
I shall die
for my own sins
at the strike
of the night...
and never