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A NaNoWriMo Day's Worth of Words (about nothing)

QotD: Premonition...

Have you ever had a premonition? Did you heed it? 

Submitted by aynge.

Oh, who doesn't have those? Sometimes you heed them and sometimes you don't. Sometimes it's not about heeding, like on Sunday when my daughter was handed a raffle ticket at the NJIT open house and we both just somehow knew she'd win whatever the prize was—we'd gotten there late and weren't completely on board yet. Her number wasn't called, hers ended in 50 and it was 30 and I kept thinking, the speaker should change that, the 3 should be a 5. It was weird and made me crinkle up my face. That ticket holder wasn't there to win the prize, nor was the next one. And then my daughter's number was called. They're mailing her an iPod. 

The night before last, my phone was dying and I knew I should charge it, but I was so sleepy, so when it jingled at me a second time, I shut it off. I laid there for awhile thinking, "this has portent. something isn't right." but then told myself I was paranoid. And then when I charged it in the morning, there was a voice mail from my brother saying he'd been in a car accident, someone had stolen his bag out of the back of the smashed car while he was being put on a stretcher, and he couldn't remember if my bank account number was in it. 

He is, apparently, okay now. So is my bank account. But I won't shut the phone off again.