QotD: Staying Organized Online
QotD: It's Never Too Early...

QotD: First Things First

 What’s the first thing you do when you log on to your computer every day?

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I don't "log on," since about 2000 or before. I just open the computer and there it all is. 

I delete most of the new mail first. 

Catch up on other time zones in Brizzly; stuff westwardly that happened during the night and eastwardly that happened in the morning, which are both the same period of time, of course. 

Read news at myway.com. Become annoyed at someone interfering with someone else's personal liberty. 

Look at the headlines at BBC News. Repeat above. 

Answer mail that might be real and want answering. 

Tell people on Twitter what random goofy song is in my head this morning. 

And proceed from there.