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QotD: First Things First

QotD: Staying Organized Online

With so much information on the Web, how do you stay organized online?

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Er, huh? If this is strictly about the web itself, it pretty much organizes things for me. If I want to regularly visit places in it, I bookmark them in relevant folders, or in the toolbar. Safari shows me the places I go to most often when I open a new tab, or when I click on the little icon made of tiny squares up there in the toolbar. 

I think this is one of those questions I don't get, or maybe you mean something other than the "web," Yahoo!. Or maybe you mean, how do you use the web to stay organized? I mean, in that case the answer would just be that I don't, though I know there are people who use the internet for that. I have no need of it. 

::pushing glasses firmly up against bridge of nose::