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Sun Valley Serenade: A Jitterbug Refugee on the Homefront

Absolutely nothing of interest, just let me indulge myself with blather

These are my indulgences.

For the next couple weeks, Saturday is the new Thursday, in terms of weekly hair and nail care. I got a new shampoo, Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil. Can the excitement be borne? I have already been using the Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Intense Moisturizing Treatment, besides my sort-of monthly olive oil and coconut oil goop treatments.

Probably I'll redo the toenails with the same green as before, Essie, of course, "vested interest." Don't Google it yourself, because there are all these hands polished with it, holding the bottle? And I honestly think it looks terrible on their hands. Truthfully, I don't think darker green or blue looks good on anyone's hands, but on the feet, many more colors can work. At least their cuticles were all right. You can do the most perfect job shaping and painting your fingernails, but if your cuticles are dry, and peeling or cracked, It's like you frosted just the top of an old stale cake.

I haven't bought any of this year's winter colors, but I'm thinking of trying "mind your mittens" next week.

There will be no weekly home spa treatment cocktail tonight, though, because I am having only bland eating for the next few days. Here is what a cocktail might look like, were I to have one.