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Because I truly believe it's right to be good to people and wish for others to be good to people, without any particular agenda or political view.

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Young Persons. It's not difficult to not say these things, for a native speaker of English. You have a big broad language from which to work. And when you speak positively, you think and act more positively. Take your verbal cues from people you can respect.
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Brittany Constable
Yesterday 11:00 AM
There's actually some argument that "pussy" in this sense refers to a feline (see also "scaredy cat") and not slang for genitals.

Lily Alice
Yesterday 11:03 AM
In terms of etymology, I suspect that's so. Something to do with being "pussy-footed," sly and quiet, etc.

In current usage, however, this doesn't seem to be the case, unfortunately. There are quite a few more terms in which the opposite happened; it was just terribly ugly to begin with, and became neutralized over the years.

Brittany Constable
Yesterday 11:40 AM

Very true. It's annoying when interesting words get corrupted.

Mycroft Holmes
6:49 AM

I note that in the space of 24 hours I hear some very liberal women say some or all of these things. Sure we have a broad palette, or at least we are supposed to have, but consider the following:

1) social media is, I suspect predominantly women.. perhaps not here but P interest and Fb? Oh yeah definitely.

2) what we wish people had is not what they have. Vocabularies I suspect are getting smaller due to texting. Just a suspicion. While I'd love it if the USA were filled with Dickens or George Will type folks.. Real word smiths where "scripturient" just rolled of the tongue.. we just don't have that. What we have is "no homo", an accurate representation of our current and I unlikely to change language use.

3) everyone is adhd and overcaffeinated. Brevity is necessary. This post is already tl:dr.

4) our education system is, dare I say it, "so gay", which I admit does a disservice to the lgbt community since they have a high likelihood of attending higher education. Still the usage is technically correct in that many, perhaps most of America still think being gay is somehow wrong, sinful, biologically invalid, etc. I do not share that perspective per se, but considering that I've heard any lgbt folks use these terms... just the other day a gay dude, upon seeing his dog hump another boy dog yells out and points: "no homo!". I knew him.. Tried not to die laughing....

Women say to men all the time: "don't be a pussy". I can still hear Frank Mir's wife say this to him before getting in the ring for an mma title shot. On camera.. in front of millions of people.

I guess when the parties who would feign hurt at hearing these words stop using them themselves,  I shall not argue overmuch. Until them they are colorful. Use them but know your audience.

Oh and by the way I strongly take issue with "man up" being on this list. Strength has been necessarily defined as a male trait since time immemorial. Football, hockey, powerlifting, MMA. These are all areas where men dominate even if women participate. Non participatory women are highly critical of women participants, saying stuff like: "oooh she's too man-ish.. i wouldn't want to look like that."

Strength IS predominantly a male trait. Endurance and persistence of will are not. They are female. Marathon runners tend to be without muscle and larger in the hips than shoulders, like females. Though strength and endurance are relatively synonymous, the difference is large enough to be mentioned.


PS: What would the movie "stripes with Bill Murray and Harold Ramos be without Francis the hypermania dude: "and I don't want any of you HOMES touching me. . Or my stuff. If I catch any of you homes touching me.. or my stuff.. I'll kill ya!!"

Sgt. Hulka: " sit down Francis.."

PPS: i note that the men in the photos are impossibly androgynous and that the women in said photo do look a touch bitchy, just a touch.I

Lily Alice
7:27 AM
I'm not a liberal. I'm not and refuse to be definable or lumped into some group or other by those ever-narrowing terms that cause people to believe we are on sides against each other but...

In respect to how I conduct myself, I'm a very conservative person, particularly regarding language. I love our language and have always wished to hear and see it used better. Specifically for this situation, I dislike language that seems fear-based, and is divisively judgmental. It is something with which I've never been comfortable.

Terms that are meant to be crude or visceral are legion in English and can be used well in their proper setting without making others feel less valuable or respected because of innate characteristics.

Go be an awkward little girl starting school in 1970 for awhile and get back to me on this. Or a 21 year-old woman entering law school that year.

We should be better than labeling people for having concern about the use of labels.