The awful awesomeness of Bobby Darin
Bloodied but unbowed

It took too long to come up with a title

I will now tell you about my morning so far, which has been carrying on in the active state for about 40 minutes, but there was some semi-awake time in bed, during which I noted my sheets really are terribly comfortable, there appears to be a reprieve from rain, and my ears are...stopped up? I don't know what you call it. It's sinus-ness. I'm not a very sinusy person, not a mouth breather or anything like that, and when I get a cold it heads straight for my throat and chest. So this here is very weird and I am standing up and saying, I don't like it!

We aren't much for medication here, though I keep the basic pain relievers around, but I remembered there is a box of our favorite meth lab ingredient, for when the boys have colds because they do get the sinus, and so I took some. Now I'm waiting for it to do the thing it does.

Did you want to know all that? I was certain you did. Also, the song "The Stand" by Mother Mother is wandering through my head. Yesterday morning it was the Charlatans' "Arise Arise." Both good songs.

So I pondered this ear thing for awhile. I have tinnitus, so my first thought was, "aren't things quite weird enough to be going on with as it is?" And I entertained the idea of not being able to hear outside noises for awhile, however, it was clear that I can. It would be frightening at first to not be able to hear anymore, I expect. It isn't like if the electricity goes out and some of the humming just stops for awhile, which nearly happened yesterday. We heard a giant boom, and one of the kids said there was a flash, and for a split second, electricity noise stopped, but then there it was again, which is a better thing than not, all around.

But a tiny part of me always hopes for a power outage now and then, just to hear the silent air.

I made some coffee. At home, I add sugar and cream. When out somewhere if I have it, I use only half and half or cream and no sugar. And I feel bad about the sugar at home, only I created such a perfect balance of flavor. So I'm trying to adjust it down little by little. My reasoning is that if I eventually cut it in half, say, by next week, what on earth gives me the idea I couldn't cut that in half? And so forth. I use a mug which contains two cups of coffee, but then I don't have any more the rest of the day, because that's what water is for. And the morning is about the brightness of flavor and mouth feel. Tea doesn't do the same thing, even with cream in it. I never add sugar to tea.

It took twenty minutes to type all that, and it will take a few minutes more to add something someone might want to look at, and then this little exercise will be concluded. But I'm in a typey mood today and it is cold out, so this could happen again.

Two photos; first, the Eastgate Hellmouth at the point I was stopped one day recently. 20140508_172000-PANO
And my son last night at Olive Garden. We hadn't been there in a long time, but it's a good place to take hungry boys now and then. They have a sort of tapas menu now and then so I tried some of it. It wasn't bad; still a bit on the salty side.


It's been 45 minutes since I took the Costco "sudafed." It feels...slightly better, I think.


Hey, I wasn't just wasting all this time, though. I had a scintillating text conversation about Enneagram, in which I tried, but partly failed, not to be rude. It led to the wrong sorts of thoughts about two of my favorite Davids; Lynch and Byrne. And so forth. Life as we hardly make it some days. I'm going to make the rest of this one with some acrylic paint, I think, and loving care toward pepper plants. And aim to take pleasure in all the usual old things.