Bobby, Dean, Frank and Tony

Saluto, Dino

Most years I do a tribute to Dean Martin on or around his birthday. Last year I put him in my NaNoWriMo book in a way, and he appears here on a regular basis.


I have most of his recordings, but this is one of my favorites. I can't do a whole blog post at the moment; as my neighbors know, it's been a hassle lately so it's better for daytime hours. Plus I have had a rather strong gimlet this evening, and am contemplating another. Whee. So this is the thing here, so awesome, and worth the entire listen, I promise. If you hear this (but ignore the slides because they're lame) and don't just *love* this man, well, I don't quite know what to say.

I Love Vegas - Dean Martin - I Love Vegas Medley

Scroll down a couple of posts for a fun live Dean performance.  

gets away from me sometimes

June 8, 2003

see, this is really bad. i thought today was the 7th. why is that bad? well, duh, Dean Martin's birthday! i missed it!!!!! and now i am sort of sad. what kind of a human am i, anyway? i blame the weather. all right, well now i really do have to just declare June Dean Martin month, okay?

but since this is the 8th, that means it is my friend Melissé's birthday; a fellow hornbeam tree! (which tree are you?)

yay, happy birthday, Mel! (if we were neighbors, i'd call her that; i always wanted to called someone Mel.)

i haven't made up my mind about these font colors, what do you think? i will be back with a celebration of Dean after i take a little nap.

here's a young Dean Martin, formerly known as Dino Crocetti, courtesy of the Dean Martin Fan Center. Dean appeared in 16 movies with Jerry Lewis, from 1946-1956. he appeared in 35 more after that, including 6 with Frank Sinatra.