Taking Christmas Song Inventory

Every year in November I add a CD or a few songs from here and there. I've added four so far this year, thinking of where there are gaps I can fill in.

Picture 1 Picture 5 Picture 3 Picture 4

I don't care for much sacred Christmas music, except a few that are good to sing along with. No dirgy or yodely-sounding stuff (which eliminates most contemporary singers.) Mostly I like the ones about winter and snow and being merry. 

Oh, today. Pet photos. And the holidays that we wish are happy.

The bronchitis is settling in nicely, by which I mean not at all nicely, more like heavily, overbearingly, achingly, tiresomely. Because I've been ill and therefore mentally challenged this week, I am three days behind on NaNoWriMo. I can catch up and succeed, of course. But it's less joyful that way. Maybe not. We'll see. 

I'm mostly alone in the house, just another sick person, only she has a sinus infection instead of bronchitis. This is the hardest-hitting cold any of us had in years, probably. Two recovered in normal time, two sinus infections, one seems to have avoided that but is still taking longer to get over it, and my thing, which isn't new for me, but it's been a few years since the last time I had it. The other part-time resident may just now be getting the cold. It is, of course, to be hoped that is dispelled swiftly.


The new kitten is in the hall. Pippen
The young dog just loves him, but in a possibly unhealthy way. He's a big dog and he could squash the young kitten, who isn't afraid of him, without meaning to. So I'm trying to keep them apart without having to actually get up. But Young Kitten is at a stage in which he needs to explore more than just one room. And Young Dog is still new at making tiny friends. Archie

Old Dog is currently having daily foot baths because he injured a toe and it didn't heal on its own; chalk that up to diabetes. Otherwise, he naps. Kairos

Middle-Aged Cat just hides, which is all she's ever done, really.

I never wanted pets. But I have kids. Kids kinda need pets, so. 

Well, we have tropical fish, as well? I thought that was pet enough, but I'm the only one who thought so. You can set up and keep fish fairly inexpensively, by the way. It's one of those hobbies that can be as expensive or inexpensive as you decide to make it. Anyway.

None of this is what I meant to write at all. 


You probably know that the word "holiday" comes from "Holy Day," of which historical people counted very many. The "12 Days of Christmas" were holy days, for example, and people would wish each other good ones. 

Here in America, the holidays are pretty much Thanksgiving to New Year's Day, with some still extending the period to Epiphany (following the 12th day,) on January 6. 

For decades, during the "shopping season," people here went around wishing each other "Happy Holidays!" They weren't devaluing Christmas; they were just including the others, as well. 

Now that we are aware of other holidays some people celebrate, it's even more apt. 

I read yesterday that somebody was mad that businesses took advantage of a religious tradition to sell more stuff, but then backhanded it by not saying the word Christmas all over the place. (Usually just some of the place.)

All I really have to say about that is that I was reared with religious tradition, and none of it included the concept of shopping. At no time was I taught, "Buy shiny things in the name of Jesus!"

It's like global warming. Over the years, the name has become the problem. Scientists now say "climate change," because they're referring to a range of rapidly changing phenomena that seem extreme and potentially dangerous, not just the gradual heating of our atmosphere.

We celebrate Christmas, but for most of us, it's not Christ's Mass. It's generally a cultural holiday rather than a religious one, more akin to Thanksgiving than to Easter.

And this is because, of course, the religious component of Christmas, no matter how historically specious, is separate from the shopping and overeating. If anything, religious Christians should be glad there's a bit more holiday than Christmas in shopping ads this decade. ** They can concentrate on forcing cities to unconstitutionally promote a religion by putting nativity scenes on public property, instead.

**Except that it's always been that way, only recently waxing and waning each season depending on who shouts at which retailer to pander to this group or that group in the name of their own personal bugaboos.


It's Christmas Time! It's Christmas Time!

So say I. 

First, I'm trying to figure out the smoothest way to get my Christmas collection from the other blog transferred to this one. The blog post transfer went very badly, as you may recall. 

And then I want to share more music. It's better than that shudderful stuff they play in most of the stores, but there's so much more cool stuff to collect; I'm really just getting started. :-)

I pared this year's Christmas Shuffle List to nine albums and a few singles, though I still have the others—some of them just aren't right for shuffling, plus a couple on vinyl. These are the Shuffle ones:

Picture 1BublesnowCandlessnowmistletoeDeanchristmasChristmascocktails2EllachristmasMakingmerryJingleswingStarbucks08

The first cover is A Cool Christmas Vol. 3, but I actually have Vol. 2. Then there's TSO, Brian Setzer, some Celtic stuff, classical stuff, last year's Harry Connick, Jr album, one with Bing and Frank which sounds kind of bad on here, more Frank, and maybe something else I left out.