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Quite Contrary

I'm collecting recipes for meal plans, some cook ahead things, fresh ideas, etc. for an eating template. It'll be an unholy combo mid-century/Mediterranean thing because that's actually just what I do only with some Cuban, Tex-Mex, and various Asian flavors thrown in, but anyway.
I have been looking online at 7, 10 day, monthly meal plans to take bits and pieces from, and they are way more healthful and interesting these days than previously, however, they don't understand my problems with textures.
Imagine if you can bear it, a bowl of chunk white albacore tuna with shaved coconut, raisins, and canned peach slices mixed in lightly. With capers on top. That's how I feel when I read things like in the image I have inserted here. Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 9.23.46 AMIt's actually why I don't eat much meat unless it's barely cooked at all or not at all, though I like pork shoulder and roasted chicken wings and some kinds of sausage, and it's why I will never accept rice or lettuce on a burrito, never mind both at the same time. It creates a thorough sense of texture revulsion. 
I do not mind mixing foods together in the conceptual sense, but many of these combinations make my mouth afraid to chew and swallow. It's like poly fleece against my skin or socks that won't line up. And why do all the Mediterranean "plans" have quinoa in? It isn't, you know. Mediterranean, I mean. I am pretty sure it was meant to stay where it was on those mountains where not a lot else grows and the people really need it, but that's a series of thoughts for another time. 
Also, I understand British people had to eat beans etc. on toast for good food value, and so now they still do, and I totally get that. But it is still an upsetting idea for me.
PS: I will eat a BLT. If it's toasted enough and somebody doesn't have the Godforsaken idea to shred the lettuce.


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