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In Medias Res

I just realized I never did post my July 4 food here, though I did on Instagram, a little. So here is the pistachio gelato I made. Capture+_2019-10-26-08-24-53

I enjoyed it. 

It was a long tough summer that is pretty much just now ending, and it promises to be a long tough autumn/winter, but I'll try to make the most of it, or at least more of it than less, if you see what I mean. For the moment, though, some random blather/catching up with me, and then we'll set things in finer motion going forward from here.

The last essay I wrote at my (former?) "main" blog was on reaching menopause. I told my family repeatedly that when I did, I'd commence to losing the 40 lbs it added over the eight years it demanded. They didn't believe me, because they see how the world has grown, but they should have also recognized how vain I am. I just wasn't going to add another labor to my Heraclitian load before I was ready for it.

The job sure has helped with that; I've lost 25 of em so far. But also I learned, most importantly, that as we age, we need so many fewer calories than previously. So I eat pretty much whatever I want, making sure I cover all the food groups, push a heavy thing around for about 20 miles a week, and just never rarely have too much of anything. 

I'm not dismissing other women's much more difficult weight struggles. But you might like to know that once the hormones begin to settle down, you can at least (mostly) be your standard self once again. I don't intend to go all the way lean, though. They say it's better in old age to carry a few extra pounds rather than too few, and so I want to make sure I don't keep losing weight once I reach my main goal. Plus I don't want my face to look gaunt. It has enough problems already.

It's raining today. I might go up to Target before work and look for an old man-style bucket hat to wear while loading groceries. Screen Shot 2019-10-26 at 9.21.52 AM I looked at two thrift shops because I don't like to buy new things if I can find used, but then, too, I'm not keen on wearing a used hat. In any case, there weren't any to be found. 

So the main thing I have on my mind is that on my dining table there are three avocados, three poblano peppers, four huge apples, and I had to put the last few tomatoes I picked into the refrigerator so they wouldn't go bad. I have to work two evenings in a row instead of days, and then some horrible early mornings, and I wasn't prepared for any of that, so I thought I'd be cooking dinner. At the time of this writing I have three and a half hours to do something with it all or not, and also get ready to go, and also look for a hat. 

There's a lot else that hasn't been getting done. The pool is still open and starting to turn green. I haven't tidied the garden spaces or deck for winter. I haven't quilted the quilt I made for Kate. I have a pile of things in my bedroom roughly of a volume that would fill two largish laundry baskets, which need sorting into keep, give away, throwaway. Hopefully mostly give away, but I can't say from here. Some bills need paying. Etcetera. Reality nibbles relentlessly, doesn't it?

Yesterday at work Susan gave me a hug. It was a splendid hug, and she is quite a large person, so I felt very hugged. Her little girl is going to be a werewolf princess for Halloween; isn't that stellar? I was pretty excited about having a reason to dress up for Halloween, but now it looks like I might have Thursday off for the first time in a couple months of Thursdays. If I explain why I'll just recharge my bad mood, though.

Susan and I made a sort of collective mistake; sort of more my fault than hers, but also just one of those crossed wires that can happen to anyone, and it was resolved easily enough. Later in the day, however, I dropped a grocery tote I was putting in the refrigerator, as it was too heavy for me (they often are, but I do what I have to do,) and the eggs broke. The other lead was there and was more concerned about me than the eggs, which I appreciated. I felt bad, though, because I never dropped one before, and had the growing sense lately that it might happen. So I have to be really careful about that going forward; I don't want anyone to think I'm careless or feeble. 

Today I'm taking delight in colors. I mean, I always like to, but today, particularly. Colors and shapes and the lines and curves between them. I hope you make a point of taking delight in something each day, as well. It's a need. 20191026_091457 









This was a half hour well-spent.


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