A day off (and the thing I was remembering about macaroni,) part one

A day off (and some British stuff) part two

I typed most of this last night but thought, meh, it can wait til morning.

It having occurred to me that I have two days off in a row, I decided to do little to nothing else for the rest of the day. I can do things tomorrow. I had some bread and butter, took a long nap, read The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart the rest of afternoon, cooked a frozen pizza, and have been binging on the latest few episodes of Richard Osman's House of Games

I read The Crystal Cave because I had been listening to it, but that takes 15 hours and I just don't have that in a few good long stretches anymore. I was about 20% along with the audio and it's due tomorrow, so I found the complete Legacy: Arthurian Saga to read, instead, and I have it for 14 days. I did always mean to read these books, so now is the time. This first one was fairly enjoyable, probably largely because I was in exactly the right mood for its style of narration and granular detail, which is not always the case, especially with a) fantasy and b) Middle Ages. It's the story of Merlin, Arthur, and how that all came about, told from Merlin's point of view throughout his life. It is not a story for people who prefer a contemporary style of story-telling, or who write for Kirkus Reviews. I'm going to read the second one, The Hollow Hills, then decide whether to go on with the others, because the rest of the story might not interest me as much once it's more about Arthur than Merlin.

After I ate the pizza I took a shower and got ready for bed and it was...7 o'clock. I know people get all naggy and hand-wringing when we spring forward, but falling back affects me way way more. And you can talk all you want about having morning light, but I guess you don't live in Cincinnati. We won't see much morning light for months, no matter when you wake up. So I finished last week's House of Games, then watched episodes of Would I Lie to You? and Have I Got News For You, and then my phone asked if I'd like to fall asleep to nature sounds, so I agreed to try that out.

As to House of Games, I like Richard Osman partly because he seems like he could be my long-lost younger brother, and I quite like my older brothers, the eccentric things. Also, we'd probably invent this show among ourselves if we lived in any proximity to each other, and he'd be welcome to join us. 

Some of the British history and pop culture is difficult for me, though not all, but plenty of it is general knowledge, and some of it is U.S.-related. These British quiz shows are the best things on TV, by which I mostly mean YouTube, because they're just so pleasant. Some like this one are wholly benign and genial and it's fun to play along. Others are more about comedy or more edgy or more challenging. I like this one because it's just a calm half hour which lets you feel clever sometimes and stupid other times, and the guests are enjoyable, though the "attractive woman, cool young guy, quirky older woman, smart middle-aged guy in wacky shirts" panel each week is so calculated. But I mean, they do all have varying talents that brought them fame, though I'm not super clear on what Scarlett Moffat's might be...(she got her start on a reality show, so...)

The best thing of all about it is the theme music. Start at 13 seconds.


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