climate change (2012)
i want to believe—prologue (2013)

sonnet v: unfinished (2013)

This is a work-in-progress...

Cloak loosely knit, leaves protect Summer's solace
sharply angled sun's warmth rendered frail
Laid to bare, her Eden stripped and cheerless
Harsh mirror reflects cracks beneath the veil

Stiff from chilled air hands craft ersatz beauty
awkward schemes to echo artless youth
In wintertime her grace is draped in duty
Allure on ice, charm banked low in half-truth
(betimes ablaze thanks to gin and vermouth)

Through long dark nights her restless mind composes

vernal gardens blooming in romance
While winter-weary silver form reposes
Subconscious spark ignites a fervid dance

Though woman's bloom is fading day by day,
her garden rebirths from last year's decay