> My Boyfriend Bill

Pictures of my boyfriend Bill that I've collected from the web. No one really owns most of them, even if they pretend they do. A few might be somebody's.

Love on the beach
Sunset stairs
Bill and Audrey
Sabrina and David
Giant Bill
Paul Verrall
Big Bill color filter crop
Bill's record
Yellow filter
Closeup crop
Sabrina crop
Cropped profile in car
Bill in low sat color
Biggest Bill
Bill bw filter
Stacked Filters
Toko-Ri crop
Cropped profile
Bill and Grace
Bill and Capucine
Bill and a lion
Young Bill
Oscar with Grace and Bill
Barbed Wire
Bill and Sophia
Bill in color
Blond Bill
Georgie and Bernie
Joe pose
Giant profile
Golden boy
Grazin in the grass
Hand up
Holden and Grant
Lighting on the beach
Love at a picnic
Love on a train
Miss Grant with Dick
Joe Gillis
Sheepish Bill
Suyin and Mark
Harry and Nancy at the pool