The View From Seaview

The Fictional Town of Seaview, New Jersey

Here are some screenshots of maps for the area I've set my main fictional town. I also have one in Michigan and one in Kentucky, but I'm getting back to those in a few months.

These are really rough—I just wanted to lay it out as it appears in my head and move on for now.  And I'm not really writing about Rumson/Fair Haven/Sea Bright with altered names; I've reimagined it all as my collective area Seaview, which is highly Italian-American, instead of somewhat.

I would absolutely go back there to live if I had the means, probably slightly farther down in Monmouth Beach.

I've made it in my head so that there is a hill on which sits the Palm Estate. As I recall, it is higher there, but not like it is on the other side of the Navesink River, and so I've reimagined the Navesink area farther down toward Shrewsbury River, and if I were reorganizing the area geographically, Shrewsbury River would sit nearer the Palms and Halladays. In other words, it'd all be squished into a narrower space than it already is. The hills matter for my stories.

This is the area I see all together as one community, with Sandy Hook included because it figures into a later story.

This is the part circled in green.